Online Shopping: do you also struggle to find the right fit?

According to a McKinsey report on "The Fashion State 2021", fashion retail made a definitive shift online due to pandemic, and e-commerce’s share of fashion sales nearly doubled from 16 percent to 29 percent globally. At the same time, there has been a shift in consumer behavior, leaving consumers with only an online shopping option.

It is true that the online and offline shopping journeys are two completely different experiences, each with its set of challenges. The online shopping experience forces customers to rely on sizing charts, product descriptions, images, and information shared by brands. Possibilities of improving the online shopping experience have been an interesting topic for my team to dive into, and we wanted to learn more about consumer behavior. By conducting a small survey with 90 respondents, we were assured that one of the top concerns of online shoppers is choosing their right size, with 47.8% respondents.

Of course, worrying about finding the right is reasonable since we, shoppers, are used to trying on several size options in fitting rooms. However, there comes a question, “Is this a real challenge for consumers to find their right sizes?”. Going deeper into the core issue, we wanted to know whether they find it difficult to choose their right clothing size. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the respondents reaffirmed the struggle, with 45.6%, saying “Yes” and 35.6% answering “Sometimes”.

In order to have a close look at this problem, my team has conducted interviews o hear about people's online shopping experiences and how they handle the size problems. Here are our key insights from the interviews:

Consumers usually order bigger sizes to avoid the problem with the wrong size. Also look for size charts, reviews and indeed call the support for help. However, most of the people we have interviewed find the product size charts not very helpful.

They find it very difficult to find the right size with trousers, dresses, high-heel shoes.

Plus-size people often have difficulties in finding the right clothing size when shopping online.

We have found out that there is another side to the coin! Having said that many people find it difficult to choose their sizes, they end up buying the wrong size clothes and returning the products. High return rates have long been a real suffer for the e-commerce industry, where the return rate is as high as 40 % and returns are mostly due to the "fitting problem".

According to Vogue Business, sizing is one of the most common issues causing returns in the UK.

How to solve the struggle?

Based on the insights from our data and through further research, with my team, we believe that solving the size problem for consumers will not only improve the online shopping experience for consumers but will also help fashion retailers to decrease returns. Do you want to join us in our journey and hear more from us as we progress? We are still at the start of the journey and any ideas, input, feedback is appreciated! Check our website!